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Hey there, I’m Ben Wahab. I don’t like to fit in boxes, but I do like Maltesers. I guess I’m an enthusiast / advanced-hobbyist photographer. I never picked up my camera and called myself a photographer; I picked up my camera and other people did.

I have been published in a couple of photography magazines, I have completed successful commercial contracts in product photography and branding, and have shot dozens of public and private dance events around the UK. I have had a few images used by organisations such as the BBC, The University of Hull and Sheffield City Council. This does not make me a pro. This makes me opportunistic.

Other photographers would call me a tech-tog. I feel at home in technical photography environments, especially high speed, high pressure situations like dance events where you get one chance to capture that image that will end up on flyers and website banners or magazine articles. No posing the models, no controlling the light, just understanding the physics, knowing your kit, and appreciating the music (and having decent quality ear cones for those times where you end up camping on a speaker).

My technical attitude spreads into other areas of photography – cunning ways of teasing light out of night cityscapes, finding the angles in the studio and finding new ways of tweaking in post. I guess this comes from my technical science background, or the necessity to squeeze every last drop of performance out of the kit I have.

I have a reputation for being infectiously enthusiastic, but keep a firm grip on what can actually be delivered. I almost always shoot to music, and this music is almost always cool. You’ll find me shooting mostly stunt/creative work: I loathe traditional portraiture and photography that has no sense of energy and movement – it has its place, but that place isn’t for me.

I am now down in Brighton, East Sussex, UK so if you’re a local tog, events/project coordinator, model, MUA, promoter or just love photography and want to throw something together, get in touch.


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