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Kit: The Flash Gun

An essential to most, the humble flash gun can contain very sophisticated electronics to make the illumination of your subjects just right – but lets see if you need a bells and whistles models for what you shoot, or will an entry level flash gun do what you need.

This article is aimed at beginners who……

Introduction to: Creative Lighting

Creative lighting is a critical part of creative photography. We refer here to photography were the the lighting is purposefully and tactically positioned to give your images the look you want.

This article is aimed at the BEGINNER/INTERMEDIATE  to get them used to the concepts of deliberate lighting, which are effective across many areas……

How To: Shoot Hair Swooshes using Creative Lighting

As a technical photographer I shy away from most “traditional” portraits. I like to shoot high impact creative shoots, as is evident from my galleries. This article explains how to shoot one of my favourite styles, remembered affectionately as The Swooshy Hair shoot.



We are going to refrain from lighting the model directly in this shoot……