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Basics: Prop Making II: Resins and Fibreglass

Last week  I started this short series of articles on making your own props for photoshoots. This mini-series was built on simple techniques using materials you can buy from your local crafts, hardware or car maintenance store. The techniques and materials I will discuss today are not scary and are hugely robust – the same techniques


Basics: Depth of Field

One of those phrases you hear all the time with relation to photography is depth of Field (or DoF). This article offers a PHYSICS FREE explanation of what this term actually means in your photography, and how to control it, allowing the most basic of photographers the chance to deliberately improve their work. As with


Basics: Props

This week I was clearing out some of my stuff before I pack to move for my new job down in Sussex, and I realised that I have a large collection of props left over from previous shoots. Props, as in the theatrical sense, are used in creative photography to help set up a scene


How To: Shoot Hair Swooshes using Creative Lighting

As a technical photographer I shy away from most “traditional” portraits. I like to shoot high impact creative shoots, as is evident from my galleries. This article explains how to shoot one of my favourite styles, remembered affectionately as The Swooshy Hair shoot.   Theory We are going to refrain from lighting the model directly

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