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Prop Project: Venetian Masks

It’s been a long old while since I have written on this blog, and as Spring slowly pops its head out here in the UK, its time to get creative again… A few months back I went to Venice. It is an amazing city, and truly unique. Apart from the endless prosecco, coffee and cake,


Prop Project: Army of TWO Mask

Its been a while since the last post here, and this website just had its first birthday in this format. To celebrate, I thought I’d make a post about a prop build… namely this combat mask, from the Game Army of TWO.   This article is a living post – it will be updated weekly


Basics: Prop Making II: Resins and Fibreglass

Last week  I started this short series of articles on making your own props for photoshoots. This mini-series was built on simple techniques using materials you can buy from your local crafts, hardware or car maintenance store. The techniques and materials I will discuss today are not scary and are hugely robust – the same techniques


Basics: Prop Making I: Pepakura

For those who follow me on Twitter and Facebook, you will know that recently I have been making my own props for a couple of shoots I had planned this summer – (I wrote previously about sourcing props for your shoot, but in my case the props I want to use are not available commercially).


How To: Make Your Own Grids (aka Ghetto Grids)

We’ve discussed elsewhere about creative light modifiers, and one type of which is called a grid. Grids effectively cut down light spread from your source, making the beam narrower, and the edges harder. They come in a range of brands, shapes, sizes and costs. Rather than shelling out around £15 a grid for your flashgun,

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